Digital Asset Management for Enterprises

Say hello to a modern Digital Asset management (DAM) for your enterprise which serves all your marketing needs and can be made operational in a short time by yourself.

Your Organization DAM Needs to Have These Features

DAM is used by a variety of organizations from small and medium size enterprises to large and global companies. They almost all have similar requirements and troweb addresses all of them in one place.

Single Repository for All Product Related Contents

Single Repository for All Products Related Contents

We have experienced difficulties and frustration as well as inefficiency of having content stored in all places and everywhere, albeit very secure. Once someone leaves the company, it may not be an easy task to figure out where contents were stored. A single repository combined with state of the art in edge and content delivery in troweb's answer to all these concerns.

Content Integrity

Content Integrity

In many DAM systems and specially in regulated industries integrity of information is very crucial. In troweb, your enterprise assets are securely stored and delivered. Your retrieval is based on a deep representation of content inside troweb which is made possible by its advanced AI tools. As a result, your staffs in different offices and countries all receive the same content which ensures highest level of integrity and uniformity.

Coherent Messaging

Coherent Messaging

Once an enterprise expands and becomes a medium size one, it starts needing coherency in its messaging. Different staffs in different departments, and different display media sizes may cause conflicts in messaging. troweb ensures a single source of truth for all assets and this way guarantees reusability of assets while ensuring coherency.

Access Restrictions

Access Restrictions

Access management is a paramount requirement in any enterprise DAM. Your content not only belongs to you and must be protected, it may also be under some regulatory rules which requires a well defined access control. troweb offers a fine tuned and minute level of access and permission definition.

Store, Organize, Enrich, Retrieve, and Deliver Marketing Content Efficiently.

troweb helps your teams discover contents by chatting or semantic searching the DAM.

Content Found

No more hidden and buried assets. All your content is imported into a modern repository which is automatically built for you.

Indexing and Tagging

Skip cumbersome metadata extraction and subject categorization or tagging. These are all done intelligently and automatically.

Go Deeper

While importing your assets, troweb uses its AI power to enrich and add value to assets.

Everything Multiple

Multiple content formats, multiple languages, multiple access permission possibilities.

Single Source of Truth

DAM by troweb provides a single source of truth for all your marketing assets, ensuring brand compliance, rights management, and discoverabilty at scale.

Generative AI

AI powers the DAM in troweb. From importing your assets, recognizing their structure and adding value to making them discoverable. Go further by using our smart tools to generate content and fill the gaps.

1. Point and import

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2. organize and enrich

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