Content Discovery

Discoverability of content is a major concern for all content owners and it starts from how content is stored right to where and how it is searched and accessed.

What Makes Content Discoverable!

Many factors contribute to discoverability of your content, hoping for the best is not one of them.


Having various contents in one place and under one system helps you to deploy a comprehensive content discovery strategy.

Get Deeper

Go beyond image, video, and voice and let AI expose the hidden knowledge inside your assets.

Metadata and Tagging

Better structured content means better metadata, finer subject categorizations, and more relevant tagging.

Fast and Edge

Speed of delivery affects everything, specially in organizations speard in different offices.

Fulltext Search

Sometimes full text search gives the best and most relevant results, specially if content is well built.

Neural Search

Mostly a chat or a semantic or neural search using natural language is the best way to discover.

All Enterprises Have Content and Need to Make Them Discoverable

There is no enterprise who does not have content. They may use different systems for their content generation and preservation and it is now time to move to troweb.

Law Firms

Law Firms

A law office uses and generates a large volume of content. They require to securely store and manage their documents, contracts, legal resources, legal guides, client information and many more. Even a starting and young firm will soon find itself drowning in the sea of content. Speed of discovery of information and its accuracy is a major contributor to the firm's success. In addition, access management and security of access is an important part of law firm's requirements.

  • Import, organize, store with the power of troweb AI
  • Enrich, add value, go beyond surface
  • Chat, semantic search and full text search


Podcasters have gone to a great length to categorize, add subjects and tags, index and add transcripts, in order to make their podcasts better discoverable to the people out there as well as themselves. It is time to bid farewell to cumbersome management of podcast contents. Let troweb AI find the knowledge hidden in podcasts automatically and prepare a natural interface for discovery.

Music Production Companies

Music Production Companies

Catalogue management is a main part of any music production company. This includes keeping track of various compositions, tracks, albums, and rights associated with each piece, and contracts. Now, similar to any enterprise which has lots of different content, music production companies can rely on troweb AI power to turn their contents to a world of related information and offer natural language interface to query it using neural search and chat, and get similar items and much more.

1. point and import

tell it where your contents are

2. organize and enrich

troweb organizes and finds hidden objects

3. Chat

Ask as you talk

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