Artworks Collection for Artists

Artists, art galleries and art collectors are among those who can benefit immensely by managing their collections in troweb and offering an AI-powered interface for their works.

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See for yourself how an artist has used troweb to build his collections of artwork in the past 6 decades and has provided smart access to it.

Artworks Collection
Import Artist Details

Artist Details

Import artist details or add them one by one. Do not contain yourself to only artists whose works are added. With almost a click of a button you can ask troweb to harvest essential biography and history of artists.

  • Get a directory of artists built for you
  • Use AI tools to complete artists details
  • Get deeper insights into an artist's world
Add and Enrich Artworks

Add and Enrich Artworks

Artworks may be in different forms. Paintings, statues, artifacts, images, videos, performing art are among possibilities.

  • Import artwork's digital form
  • Enrich using troweb AI tools
  • Enhance by adding personal curation
Neural Search

Neural Search

troweb let's visitors use semantic search. In effect, it lets people search in their natural way of speaking. troweb understands what users are looking for and tries to come up with results in the artworks but also uses it general AI knowledge.

Full text Search

Full Text Search

In some occasions full text search is what we need. With proper subject categorization and tagging, users are able to find what they need, exactly. Leave categorization and tagging to troweb AI engine. Do it manually if you are following a well established subject tree.



We love to chat. Actually chat intelligently. Most chat widgets of products are turning to AI for meaningful interactions with users. Art world is one of the best areas that can be overhauled with intelligent chats. troweb chat is a continuation of its semantic search and deeper insight which allows users and visitors to art venues ask questions as if they are speaking.

AI powered with a little help from you!

1. point and import

tell it where your contents are

2. organize and enrich

troweb organizes and finds hidden objects

3. semantic search and chat

search as you talk

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