Content Platform for Content Owners

From creation to discovery, troweb has all the components that you will need to build an AI powered content platform for every kind of content and for all purposes.

Your Content to the Power of AI

Say good bye to costly system development or having to compromise to fit into a ready made content system.

Import with AI

Most of us have lots of content before we decide to deploy and content platform. This is good as you can use our import facility which uses AI to understand your content , import it and organize its structure.

Studio to Add Content

Starting from scratch is easy. Just define your content structure and start creating content in an intuitive studio. Use LLM tools to generate content faster and with higher accuracy.

Enrich with AI

Our AI tools can add value to your content. OCR, object recognition in images and videos, video chaptering, speech to text are just some examples.

Content Management

A robust and AI driven content platform which does most of the work for categorization and tagging as well as metadata management.

Security and Delivery

From access management and security to content delivery, troweb is an enterprise grade platform which deploys the latest in the industry to ensure integrity and security of your content and their fast delivery, no matter where your users are.

Semantic Search and Chat

troweb deploys semantic search capabilities to let you interact with the content beyond full text and keyword search. With a natural language interface and semantic search, you are able to chat with your application and its content in your own way and as you speak.

Hey Content owners, Here is an Idea...

Content comes in many forms and troweb has a solution which is for all forms of content and any use of content. Here are some samples.

Content Marketing Teams

Content Marketing Teams

Content plays a crucial role in today's marketing. It comes in various types such as articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, white papers, case studies, and social media posts. Over time, a very large volume of content gets created and finding a specific piece among them becomes cumbersome if not impossible. troweb is a very sure solution your content and their archives, which helps you go beyond the raw content.

  • Build your content archive
  • Discover based on semantic search or chat
  • Distribute securely to your offices and teams
  • Increase reusability in different output media and channels
Book Publishers

Book Publishers

Publishers of all sizes have faced this. At some point, they could no longer easily and swiftly find a piece about a particular subject or a paragraph or an image from within many books that they have published. So discoverability is always an issue and publishers have gone to a great length to ease that. Increasingly they face a second issue. Traditional print book publishers need to make their content available for digital media, be it an online book, or journal, a blog post, and more. Using a content platform such as troweb might seem a brave decision for a publisher but is among the most rewarding ones.



This is where we see many different assets in many physical forms. However, museums have long tried to preserve their assets by creating a large volume of text, image, video, voice, and other digital assets. Using a content platform not only helps museums to keep and preserve them for future generations, but also enables visitors and researchers to discover interesting and difficult to see fact and features by using neural search and interacting with the assets in their natural language.

1. point and import

tell it where your contents are

2. organize and enrich

troweb organizes and finds hidden objects

3. Chat

Ask as you talk

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