Knowledge Management System for Enterprises

Import your enterprise content of any form from wherever they are, organize and store in as secure central platform to use inside your organization.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Storing and discovering knowledge is a common problem in many enterprises.

Knowledge Silos

Your teams are using many different systems and platforms to manage and store files.

Needle in Haystack

Knowledge is buried inside documents and in all places and you cannot find it easily.

Volume of Knowledge

As you have grown in years, volume of knowledge has also exploded and it is difficult to find what you when you need it.

Employee Departure

A team member leaves you or goes on holiday, no one knows where he used to store his content.

Content Comes in Many Forms

Content is no longer just text and comes in different forms and shapes.


In post generative AI, we need to search smarter to find knowledge hidden inside documents.

Challenges of Enterprises

The biggest challenge that enterprises are facing is discoverability of knowledge inside their organization.

Import and Enrich

Intelligent Import and Enrich

Say goodbye to spending days figuring out schema and structure design for a piece of content. Just point at it and troweb uses its AI capabilities to import, determine its schema, activate any enriching plugins such as OCR, object recognition in videos, speech to text and much more.

  • Automatically determine structure of content and its metadata
  • Transform raw content into layers of objects and relationships and tap into semantics
Security and Access Control

Security and Access Control

Security of your enterprise knowledge is ensured by complying with the strictest industry standards. You can determine who within your enterprise accesses to what and which type of access is permitted.

Speed of Delivery

Speed of Delivery

Enterprise efficiency and productivity relies on fast delivery of various types of documents, even large and bulky ones. Our edge native content delivery ensures the fasted possible content delivery. As if your content resides in your own computer.

1. point and import

tell it where your contents are

2. organize and enrich

troweb organizes and finds hidden objects

3. Chat

Ask as you talk

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