AI Tutor for Education

If you have your own rules for education, or have your customized framework, our AI based tutor can adapt to your asset repository and predefined framework.

Why Do They Matter?

How customized AI agent is different from ChatGPT or similar products?

Your Own Approved Content

Instead of pool of unknown content out there in internet. A proper AI tutor should work withing boundaries of your own approved content.


The AI conversational interface can have a closed loop of education with student and make personalization dream a reality

Add student record to context

Tutor is capable of reading context and information from back office systems to provide more accurate guidance to students

AI powered with a little help from you!

1. point and import

Import your educational assets to the system

2. Connect

Connect your back office systems to troweb

3. Uplift your Students

Students will start to use system in personalized way

Want to Know How We Built an Educational AI Tutor?

Experience a live demo, get answers to your specific questions, and find out why troweb is the right choice for your organization.